“Ashton Tweed is small, focused and tenacious. They work extremely hard to fill a position, and you can have a very honest, open and transparent relationship with the team.”

John Fraher

“It’s really helpful to have a partner that understands your business, the context and the culture and can target the right people.”

Daniel Belanger
VP of Human Resources

“They were very thoughtful in how they approached the search for us and were able to deliver someone who met our needs in the first pass. You can’t find anything better than that.”

J. David Owens

“I would give Ashton Tweed a five out of five. First of all, they provide me with a stream of opportunities. Second, they do their homework, which is something that I’ve not seen with several other companies that I’ve worked with.”

Chris Szustkiewicz
Interim Regulatory Employee

“There was a comprehensive search—they didn’t just reach out to the first people who met the minimum criteria.”

Edward Seguine

“I highly recommend Ashton Tweed. They’re very professional. They’re fast and have a tremendous network of talent.”

James Sapirstein

“I like Ashton Tweed because I need certain skill sets and sometimes I need them relatively quickly to fill a hole.”

Randy Milby
Former CEO

“I feel comfortable with Ashton Tweed. I’d like to see out my working life working with Ashton Tweed.”

Dr. Stephen Haworth
Interim Medical Director

“I think Ashton Tweed is a very good group and if I’m looking for interim talent it’s my top search firm.”

Brian A. Leuthner
President and CEO

“Ashton Tweed is a good organization. They know the field that they’re hiring in so they can ensure a good match between the individual and the clients they’re working with.”

Martin Hughes
Analytical Support Contractor

“We had an immediate need and Ashton Tweed was able to find us a nearly perfect candidate within a time frame that was way beyond what we expected.”

David Tierney
President and CEO

“Ashton Tweed is so accommodating, which was fantastic. I have to say that I really felt there was a genuine care for both the client—me—and the candidate. I was very aware during the process that they were being very responsive and communicative to both sides, which I thought was exceptional.”

Sonny Stafford
VP of Marketing

“If you need to hire interim people with subject-matter expertise quickly, Ashton Tweed is the firm to go to. I’ve recommended Ashton Tweed multiple times to people.”

Nick Spring

“Anyone can get on LinkedIn and Facebook and find people. It’s all about personal relationships and understanding what the client needs. Ashton Tweed does a good job at that.”

Peter Sagona
Senior Vice President, Applications Development

“Ashton Tweed does a great job of balancing the technical needs and cultural fit.”

Becky Zenz
Vice President, Human Resources

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