The top 15 pharma companies by 2018 revenue


The pharma industry is constantly changing, but the big names always top yearly sales. In fact, 2018’s top names are the same as last year’s, but the order has shifted. Next year will see at least one entirely new entrant in Takeda, which recently scooped up Shire.

For these rankings and company profiles, FiercePharma consulted company earnings reports, securities filings, earnings transcripts and analyst reports, plus their own archives. They converted 2018 results to U.S. dollars using average exchange rates for the year provided by drugmakers.

The top 15 pharma companies by 2018 revenue are ranked here:

1. Johnson & Johnson
2. Roche
3. Pfizer
4. Novartis
5. Merck & Co.
6. GlaxoSmithKline
7. Sanofi
8. AbbVie
9. Bayer
10. Eli Lilly
11. Amgen
12. Bristol-Myers Squibb
13. Gilead Sciences
14. AstraZeneca
15. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

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