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Ashton Tweed is proud to be located in the Greater Philadelphia Area, home to the first FDA-approved CAR-T cell therapy and gene therapies. Although these innovative therapeutics have the potential to revolutionize our industry, this field is still young and faces many obstacles. Fortunately, Ashton Tweed specializes in crafting flexible leadership – both interim and permanent – to help your innovative companies surpass common challenges like the following, outlined by the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy:

  1. Challenges based on the disease characteristics
  2. Challenges in the development of gene and cell therapy agents
  3. Challenges in funding


This is not to mention the ethical issues associated with this field and faced by company leadership on a daily basis, including:

  • Balancing risk and benefit to the patient
  • High costs associated with gene and cell therapy
  • Contamination of the human genome
  • Use of embryonic stem cells


From discovery to commercialization, each step requires a different set of leadership skills to get your product to market. Connected to a network of highly qualified professionals in the cell and gene therapy space, Ashton Tweed is able to fill your open roles in pace with your timeline and guide your company through the Life Sciences Growth Continuum. See the case study below for how we can help your company’s search:

A completely virtual start-up focused on new gene and enzyme replacement therapies for lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) was in need of a Chief Executive Officer. The founder, a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in the life sciences, had strict requirements for the rare disease company’s executive leader…


The list of positions below demonstrate the types of professionals and roles that Ashton Tweed can provide your cell therapy company under even the most critical of circumstances:

A seasoned leader with years of industry experience, rendering him or her prepared to progress your start-up or aid a well-established company while embracing your company culture and values. On either an interim or permanent basis, this executive can jump in to successfully lead your cell or gene therapy company through critical times.

An innovative research professional adept at converting R&D into products by utilizing his or her experience in cell and gene therapeutics. This individual’s wealth of knowledge can provide the necessary backbone to run your research and development initiatives efficiently while communicating effectively with the rest of your leadership team.

An executive skilled at developing your company’s effective regulatory strategy, experienced at gaining FDA (or EMA, etc.) approval, who is familiar with the processes and nuances of working with cell and gene therapies. This professional’s track record of success promises that your company’s timelines and deadlines will be met.

An expert fundraiser with the ability to shorten the investment cycle due to extensive experience in the life sciences space. This highly qualified and business-minded individual has specific strategies prepared to conquer any obstacles that may confront your products from making it through approval and into the marketplace.

A top-quality business development executive who provides an established and trusted network in the field of cell and gene therapies. This professional’s proven success in your industry establishes the confidence and security your team desires when kick-starting new initiatives or nurturing existing business relationships.

An executive who can effectively bring your products to market and maximize your return on investment by drawing from a background in your therapeutic area. His or her exposure to the cell and gene therapy space will further drive commercialization decisions and strategies based on the varying factors in the field’s current climate.

This is an exciting time for cell and gene therapies, especially with technologies like CRISPR-Cas9 and the first gene editing clinical trials in humans under way, and having the right talent at the right time is key for success amongst your fast-paced competition. Ashton Tweed’s experience in this space is a useful tool for your company when assembling or reorganizing your leadership team. See our services below and speak to a partner to determine your best hiring strategy:


Ashton Tweed’s executive talent bank is a unique service matching members to companies through retained executive search. This ensures companies and candidates alike work with the best and brightest.


Interim executives are the perfect solution for your company when in need of just-in-time talent to solve critical business needs. Convert fixed hiring costs into a variable expense as your business gains a fresh perspective.

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