interim talentAshton Tweed is dedicated to providing your company with flexible options for sourcing top talent. We will counsel you on the best hiring options for your specific business environment and are mindful many companies require talent on a short-term, fixed-duration basis to solve urgent business problems. To meet this need, we have created our unique interim-executive offering.

Interim executives provide just-in-time talent, and are highly experienced managers and executives retained on a short-term, fixed-duration basis for immediate hands-on work assignments.


Ashton Tweed is the leader in providing interim executive talent to the life sciences industry. This concept offers your company flexibility, enhanced commercial viability, and access to superior, highly experienced talent with current industry knowledge. Further, this arrangement:

  • Matches a seasoned senior manager or executive to your defined job specification or set of required project skills
  • Will have a varied timeline, but normally extends for two to nine months
  • Converts the fixed cost of hiring into a variable expense


Employing interim executives is a smart choice and ensures:

Speed. Interim placements match currently available candidates with market expertise to your company when you have an immediate need.

Quality. Interim makes it possible for you to hire the best sensibly overqualified candidates in your area of need.

Focus and perspective. You find precisely the skills needed for a project or corporate transition and apply them with pinpoint accuracy — no need to have every possible specialist permanently on staff. Executives coming in often bring fresh solutions to longstanding problems.

Variable Cost. Interim turns talent into a variable cost for your company and allows you to expand and contract with the cycles and needs of your business.

Many interim executives are available on an interim-to-hire basis. To learn more about how Ashton Tweed’s interim executives work, visit the Interim Talent FAQs.


If you are a candidate wishing to learn about the benefits of being an interim executive, visit our Interim Candidates page.

Call Ashton Tweed at 610-725-0290 to find out how to make interim executives a part of your company’s human capital strategy.


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