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Digital health faces unprecedented challenges that don’t necessarily have to be navigated by other life science sectors. Issues ranging from cloud data security to delivering precision medicine are being tackled as a whole for the first time in our industry. According to the FDA, providers and other stakeholders are using digital health in their efforts to:

  • Reduce inefficiencies,
  • Improve access,
  • Reduce costs,
  • Increase quality, and,
  • Make medicine more personalized for patients.


Ashton Tweed strives to work at the forefront of the life sciences and we are proud to be a part of the digital health movement. Where health meets the digital revolution, there are many avenues to explore and our flexible hiring solutions are designed to help maximize your business’ capabilities in areas like:

  1. Mobile Health
  2. Health Information Technology (IT)
  3. Wearable Devices
  4. Telehealth & Telemedicine
  5. Personalized Medicine


With c-suite titles such as Chief Digital Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Data Officer increasing in the life sciences, it’s clear that this multi-disciplinary industry sector requires a new and evolving type of leadership. Having worked with various digital health companies and start-ups, we know what it takes to find the best people to help your technology succeed in this competitive field. Below are two case studies that showcase how we’ve aided companies in this space:

A digital health client focused on machine learning, AI, and behavioral science had an asset non-essential to their core programs. They needed an Interim Executive with contacts in the clinical software space to market and sell this asset.

In its efforts to commercialize, a digital health start-up experienced several ups and downs and needed to gain traction quickly. The client’s private equity firm trusted Ashton Tweed and recommended them to search for a Chief Commercial Officer…

A fast-growing global provider of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solutions for clinical trials, needed a VP of Quality Assurance. Their incumbent VP resigned with 60-day notice, allowing them to begin recruiting for confidentially….


These companies have distinct requirements that our team is prepared to acquire for you! Ashton Tweed’s Life Sciences Talent Bank has interim and permanent professionals ready to fill your open roles. See our services below and speak to a partner to discuss your needs:


Ashton Tweed’s executive talent bank is a unique service matching members to companies through retained executive search. This ensures companies and candidates alike work with the best and brightest.


Interim executives are the perfect solution for your company when in need of just-in-time talent to solve critical business needs. Convert fixed hiring costs into a variable expense as your business gains a fresh perspective.

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