Interim Exec Ends Digital Health Start-Up’s Woes


An emerging digital health client focused on machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and behavioral science had an asset that they deemed non-essential to their core strategic programs. They needed an experienced Chief Executive, Operating, or Commercial Officer with a deep rolodex in the advanced clinical decision support software space to market and sell this asset. Having had success with Ashton Tweed in the past, the Chairman of the Board looked to Ashton Tweed for help in finding an Interim Executive for this 2-3 month project.



This interim leader needed to have a background in digital health, experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and knowledge of the commercial landscape, including sales and business development. Given the magnitude of the project, the company required the right candidate to have held previous C-level positions with a proven track record of success.

Digital healthFamiliar with the digital health rise, the Ashton Tweed team delved into research, seeking only the most qualified candidates. The top professionals were thoroughly screened to determine whether they were up for the challenge. Ashton Tweed carefully selected the most fitting candidates that reflected the qualities and experience the client was looking for and presented them to the Chairman of the Board.

The company was pleased to hire an executive with 10 years of experience in health-related technology companies focused on remote patient monitoring and other digital health initiatives. This individual previously founded an online healthcare-related company and also spent a number of years in healthcare consulting and banking. The professional’s academic background in economics and early career in investment banking with a focus on M&A and finance were just the elements the company was looking for in their new leader.



The client company was relieved to have a number of highly qualified choices to choose from during the hiring process. After the Interim Executive stepped in to take the reins, the client’s asset was successfully sold within their critical timeline, quickly propelling the company forward in a positive direction. The client’s trusted partnership with Ashton Tweed was further strengthened for future interim engagements.


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