Interim executives are highly experienced managers and executives placed by Ashton Tweed on a short-term, fixed-duration basis for immediate hands-on resolution of business problems.

Interim executives are typically C-suite executives who are sensibly overqualified for most client assignments. They are hands-on heavyweights who will take ownership of a situation. Typically, interim executives are either in transition to their next permanent position or prefer to work on an interim basis in place of permanent employment. These candidates are proven business leaders with the specific functional knowledge necessary to solve critical business problems. Ashton Tweed matches seasoned executives from the Executive Talent Bank to companies in need of their expertise.

The typical duration for an interim assignment is two to nine months, but timelines may vary. Some interim employment assignments can lead to permanent positions with a company.

Interim executives are ideal any time companies experience a transition or emergency. For example:

  • Acquisition or merger
  • Entering new therapeutic markets
  • Introducing new medical products/services
  • Launching an IPO
  • Raising funding to aid product pipeline
  • Restructuring management team

Ashton Tweed’s interim executives can be the perfect fit for companies that:

  • Cannot afford or do not need someone permanently
  • Experience loss or absence of key executive
  • Need fresh, independent views
  • Have projects that need leadership or may be behind schedule
  • Are missing a particular skill set in-house
  • Need crisis management

Interim executives fill a specific vacant position on a company’s organizational chart and are dedicated to that company. They provide just-in-time highly experienced talent to solve a business problem the company has money but not a staff member to address.

Consultants do not fill roles on a company’s organizational chart. They address problem areas or special needs and are not exclusive to the company.

Speed. Interim placements match currently available candidates with market expertise to businesses with immediate need.

Quality. Interim makes it possible to hire the best sensibly over-qualified candidates in your area of need.

Focus and Perspective. Companies can find precisely the skills needed for a project or corporate transition, and apply them with pinpoint accuracy. Interim executives eliminate the need to have every possible specialist permanently on staff. What’s more, executives joining a company from the outside often bring fresh solutions to longstanding problems.

Variable Cost. Interim turns the expense of hiring talent into a variable cost. It allows companies to expand and contract with the cycles and needs of your business.

Interim assignments vary depending on the company’s needs. Interim executives are often hired to do the following:

  • Fill a gap in management (from turnover, disability, creation of a new position, shifts in leadership ranks)
  • Managing projects in specialized areas like rare diseases, immunotherapy, etc.
  • Performing quality and regulatory due diligence on company assets
  • Initiating company growth through business development
  • Securing financing for new endeavors like clinical trials
  • Managing specific crises like a medical device manufacturing problem

Interim executives enjoy the flexibility of a variable lifestyle. They can relish the fresh challenges of a new organization. Because interim executives are not permanent employees, they can avoid company politics. For the short burst of the interim assignment, the daily pay is generally better than the scale for permanent workers.

When the assignment concludes, the company’s obligation is over; the employee goes onto his or her next project. Many of our interim candidates are also available on an Interim-to-Hire basis, allowing clients to permanently hire candidates that are a proven fit.

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