interim talentWhen placed as an interim executive, you become a highly experienced manager or executive hired on a short-term, fixed-duration basis for immediate hands-on resolution of business problems. The typical duration for your interim assignment is two to nine months. Interim executives are in demand when companies experience a significant change or have an urgent need for a specific skill set in their business.


  • Fill a gap in management (from turnover, disability, creation of a new position, shifts in leadership ranks)
  • Managing projects in specialized areas like rare diseases, immunotherapy, etc.
  • Performing quality and regulatory due diligence on company assets
  • Initiating company growth through business development
  • Securing financing for new endeavors like clinical trials
  • Managing specific crises like a medical device manufacturing problem


Flexibility and variety. Interim assignments offer the flexibility of varying work assignments and time commitments. The variety of challenges keeps your skills sharp and business contacts fresh.

Fresh challenges. Interim assignments often present diverse problems that challenge our executive candidates. For all Ashton Tweed candidates, there is an opportunity to apply your skills and make a significant contribution to an organization.

Avoiding company politics. As an interim employee, you can work above the fray of company politics. You can speak objectively and focus solely on the work.

Excellent pay. For the short burst of the interim assignment, the daily pay is generally better than the scale for permanent workers.

Some interim employment assignments can lead to permanent positions with a company. If there is a high probability for this outcome, then Ashton Tweed may qualify and select you as an appropriate executive for an interim-to-hire position. Interim-to-hire is a variation on pure interim. Both the company and you intend, if all goes well, the interim assignment will evolve into a permanent position, though neither party is obligated.

Interim-to-hire is a no-risk method for companies to hire you as the proven fit for their needs and culture. Companies can select you as the candidate possessing critical skills needed for the immediate task and later make the decision on a permanent hire based upon your results.


To learn more about how interim executives work, please visit our Interim Talent FAQs page.

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