Interim Executives — a Great Investment for Many


Employers are ramping up their interest in interim executive hires. In the past they were hesitant to hire unknown talent, but the successes of interim leaders have convinced employers to actively look for and acquire short-term managers, including CEOs and CFOs. Today’s interim hires are a new breed of insourced leadership. Not only do they deliver on advice regarding what to do but they then take the steps necessary to execute their proposed plans.

Interim hires know unequivocally their jobs are to get things done and that’s what they excel at doing. When companies want a fresh perspective on an issue coupled with the expertise to resolve it, they hire an interim leader.

The upside for hiring interim executives is becoming clearer to employers. With the short-term nature of their appointments, interim executives are coaches and facilitators, desirable attributes for executives working in any company. They want to get things done in a short amount time before they leave their projects in the capable hands of the permanent work force — and interim executive roles seem to be proliferating. The interim hires these days are focused on getting the work done, have no personal agenda other than getting the work done, and intentionally work themselves out of a job. They know less is more and are there to serve the companies to the best of their abilities and leave the place better than when they found it.

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