The Client Opportunity

The CEO of a specialty pharmaceutical company that recently went public wanted an analysis of existing sales processes and practices. The objective was to identify existing strengths, potential inefficiencies, and opportunities to maximize productivity and performance. As a much smaller organization competing against established “Big Pharma” companies with larger sales forces and greater financial resources, it was imperative that the client’s sales team and internal operations function with maximum skill, capability and effectiveness.


digital tablet and smartphone with financial chart report, paper, pen on work tableThe Ashton Tweed Solution

Ashton Tweed’s Commercialization Management Group (CMG) conducted a targeted, multi-faceted evaluation of the sales function including: examining key performance metrics, compensation and incentives, territory and sales management strategy and practices. CMG also evaluated other organization functions and processes to benchmark the company’s overall performance and effectiveness.

Leveraging CMG’s findings and recommendations, the client transformed multiple sales force processes and established a new strategic focus and sales direction. CMG also helped to address business strategy and planning process gaps to better identify and reflect shifting marketplace dynamics.

CMG recommended that the company enact a number of initiatives to improve leadership, business process and human capital practices. These initiatives ranged from a formal project management process to staff development programs such as customer management training.


The Benefit

By incorporating CMG’s recommendations, the client reshaped the sales function and was better equipped to operate in a new selling environment with a lower expense base. High priority strategic initiatives for growing and managing the company were enacted and a formal project management approach was undertaken to better manage all initiatives.

CMG’s guidance helped to transform the company from a human capital perspective as well. The company experienced improved cross-functional team working relationships and achieved greater leadership team alignment and accountability for delivery on product launch planning, out-licensing and development activities.


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