The Client Opportunity                            

A small biotech located in New Jersey needed the expertise of an interim Chief Medical Officer to help their company while they raised additional funding for their product. Once the funding was provided, they would bring in a CMO permanently. However, the company required that the interim professional have cancer immunotherapy experience and an MD, narrowing the search significantly. In order to find this special candidate in a timely manner, they retained the life sciences experts at Ashton Tweed.


The Ashton Tweed Solution                                              

Having extensive experience in the cancer immunotherapy space, Ashton Tweed knew that they’d be dealing with a very small area of expertise. Adding the factor that the position would start on an interim basis only made their search more Concentrated female doctor working at office. difficult. The Ashton Tweed team researched qualified candidates both within and without their Life Sciences Executive Talent Bank in order to find the most highly experienced professionals for the job.

From the 200 candidates that were researched and contacted, Ashton Tweed narrowed down the search to only those with the strongest backgrounds in cancer immunotherapy. In just a three-week period, five final candidates were submitted to the client for review. All were interested in interim-to-hire positions and were perfectly qualified for the job. All that remained was selecting the employee that best fit the vision of the client company.

After interviewing each candidate, the client was pleased to hire a triple board-certified MD with a strong oncology and immunology background. This individual had everything the client was looking for, with small and large company familiarity, Phase I through Phase IV experience, and fundraising capabilities. But what really assured the client of this candidate’s interim capabilities was the fact that the professional had previously worked in three successful interim and interim-to-hire positions. 


The Benefits

In just three weeks, the client had five highly qualified candidates to choose from. Ashton Tweed aided in the negotiations concerning the interim’s rate, ensuring clear communication between both parties as the procedure was finalized. The entire search and hiring process was completed in only 3 months, allowing the company to continue their fundraising with the help of an expert CMO and begin moving their drugs through the clinical pipeline.


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