The Client Opportunity                            

Our client, a start-up biopharmaceutical company specializing in novel antibiotics, had multiple compounds at various levels of the development process. The company was targeting a Q1 public offering and required an experienced professional to fill the role of Chief Medical Officer on an interim timeframe. After the company was adequately funded by a successful offering, they could bring that person in on a permanent basis.


The Ashton Tweed Solution                                              

The client had large networks to utilize for their own search, but they knew a thorough search for top talent took a full-time effort. In short, they needed an interim candidate as quickly as possible in order to stick to their timeline for a Q1 IPO. They trusted the Ashton Tweed team to complete this significant search within their tight deadline.

Three doctors stand together smiling with leader in the middle.This interim-to-hire CMO would have to efficiently prepare the clinical development strategy for FDA discussion, appoint a CRO, and lead the clinical trials to guide the company to a successful IPO. Antibiotics experience and KOL contacts were also desired if possible.

For such a highly qualified role, Ashton Tweed researched and contacted only the most highly experienced and successful medical professionals. The team focused specifically on MDs with experience designing clinical trials and collaborating with CROs. An extensive selection process enabled Ashton Tweed to swiftly narrow down a small pool of candidates who were interested and available for interim-to-hire work. Our recruiters were careful to select the most proficient candidates to lead the client through this critical time and ensured that the candidates were up for the challenge.

The client interviewed these exceptional professionals and easily found the best fit for their team. The hired candidate was an MD with over 10 years of clinical research and industry experience and had previously served as the Global Medical Director for a top pharmaceutical company. This individual not only had the antibiotics experience the client desired, but was also well connected with many KOLs in the field.


The Benefit

The client was thrilled to hire the ideal Chief Medical Officer in just 15 days. The repercussions of not hiring the right team member at the right time would have been detrimental to their IPO plans. The interim CMO was enthusiastic about the challenging work ahead and worked for 3 months until the company went public successfully. Satisfied by the CMO’s performance, the client hired the role permanently.


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