The Client Opportunity                            

A privately held biotechnology company located in New Jersey needed to hire a new Vice President of Clinical Development. The company decided that finding a replacement whose skills would uniquely apply to their technology would be best handled by a professional retained search firm.

The company decided to utilize a retained search firm that specialized in the life sciences. They found their solution in Ashton Tweed, the Life Sciences Talent Bank Company.


The Ashton Tweed Solution        

After the search for the permanent VP of Clinical began, the company realized they had an immediate need for a clinical professional while the permanent search was ongoing. The company simply could not handle the volume of work that was piling up and did not want the development of their technology to fall behind schedule. The client turned to Ashton Tweed again and asked them to tap into their Interim Life Sciences Talent Bank in order to find a clinical professional to solve their immediate problem.

Clinical worker taking notes by a microscope in the lab.Ideally, the company wanted an Interim VP Clinical Development who would be responsible for the design, interpretation, and reporting of clinical trials. This person needed to satisfy corporate goals for product development and global product registration. Lastly, this candidate needed to act as medical director and represent the company as a senior medical spokesperson to external groups/agencies.

The Ashton Tweed team searched through their extensive network for both interim and permanent candidates. This role called for a seasoned leader with technical experience, and therefore it required not only a thorough search, but also lengthy discussions with in-demand medical executives. Ashton Tweed’s recruiting team researched and selected only highly experienced candidates who were interested in and qualified for interim work.

Throughout the process, hundreds of candidates were contacted and a number of highly qualified candidates were submitted for approval. The client was extremely pleased with their options and within just 10 days their interim employee was interviewed and engaged.

They chose a Senior Physician Executive with over 25 years of successful global drug development experience in both small and large pharmaceutical firms. The client was especially pleased because this candidate was a medical doctor, critical thinker, and leader who had a proven track record of setting complicated development programs on course for approval.


The Benefit

The hired candidate was so successful that within 3-4 months, the client brought the employee on permanently as their Vice President of Clinical Development. The client process only took 10 days to fill their position and the development of their technology continued without delay.


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