Procuring Highly Specialized Talent Abroad

The Client Opportunity

A UK-based pharmaceutical company with a US office needed a permanent hire to fill its director of procurement role. The company had been working with several different contingent search firms but had experienced no success finding its much-needed expert in the area of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) procurement. The company, which now faced time pressure to fill the role, turned to the human capital and life sciences experts at Ashton Tweed to complete the search.


Busy team discusses technical topics with female leader.The Ashton Tweed Solution

The Ashton Tweed leadership team, with more than 75 years’ experience in human capital and life sciences roles, recognized that finding a candidate with the narrow skill set required for the role would necessitate direct recruiting. Viable candidates would need demonstrated API procurement experience to ensure the client company procured high quality active ingredients that were available in necessary volume.

Ashton Tweed partners were retained to recruit directly from companies of similar size to the client company and to isolate procurement professionals. To find the best candidate with the specific necessary skills for the API procurement role, hundreds of candidates needed to be contacted. Within 60 days, Ashton Tweed sourced a candidate with ten years procurement experience from one of the top 10 worldwide pharmaceutical companies.


The Benefit

Ashton Tweed partners were able to pick up where a contingency search firm could not and conduct the direct recruiting needed to find the right highly qualified candidate. The search was completed within 60 days, and the client and candidate are both pleased. The client continues to reap the benefits of hiring an expert in API procurement.


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