The Right Formula


Employers are always looking for the perfect formula for hiring the right people for their jobs. They talk amongst themselves and continually tweak their hiring practices in order to build teams that benefit their companies the best. Listed are nine such hiring practices that may help you find the right people for your team.

1.     Network.

2.     Identify and attempt to acquire new hires sharing the traits of current, successful team members.

3.     During the interview, create a typical task of the position in order to evaluate performance.

4.     Review and consider email correspondence you’ve had with the candidate.

5.     Ditch the rose-colored glasses and be forthright about your company and the position.

6.     Involve relevant team members in the various recruitment stages.

7.     Draft an agenda for you and team members to follow during the interviewing process.

8.     Be thorough when checking references — ask the tough questions.

9.     Be clear about shortcomings your new hire may have so they can work on improving in those areas.

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