Top 10 drugs losing exclusivity in 2019


Pharma companies do their best to fight patent expirations and generic competition to protect their top-selling drugs, but 2019 looks like the end of the line for many top brands. Each drug on this list faces the threat of competition in 2019 – the list doesn’t include patent expirations that aren’t likely to yield copycats.

To compile this list, FiercePharma used an OptumRx generic pipeline forecast, along with company conference calls, SEC filings, analyst reports and data from life science commercial intelligence firm Evaluate. The top 10 drugs losing exclusivity this year are:

  1. Rituxan
  2. Lyrica
  3. Herceptin
  4. Avastin
  5. Epclusa and Harvoni
  6. Sensipar
  7. Advair
  8. Restasis
  9. Letairis
  10. Suboxone film

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