Where are pharma’s biggest layoffs happening?


Recently, pharma companies have been consolidating their businesses around core therapeutic areas to improve productivity and focus R&D investment. With these consolidations occurring, BioPharma Dive decided to track the industry’s biggest layoffs. They identified about 30 since the start of 2018, amounting to thousands of jobs lost, and more layoffs are on the way as large employers like Bayer, Pfizer and Teva continue to trim their workforces.


BioPharma Dive created a map to help visualize where these job cuts are happening. So far, many have occurred in established pharma hotspots such as the northeastern U.S. and western Europe. To be included in the map, which will be updated at the end of each quarter, the cuts had to affect at least 10% of a company’s overall workforce or impact more than 100 employees.


See the map and full article at biopharmadive.com…


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