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Jobs posted onlineLea WolfingerBy Lea Wolfinger, Vice President, Ashton Tweed

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As an employer with a Company Page on LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to explore the online job posting options that LinkedIn has to offer. They provide an efficient method to advertise your open positions without having to set up an additional account on a job board site. As a recruiter at a retained search firm, I have extensive experience taking advantage of LinkedIn job postings as one tactic to attract attention for my clients’ critical roles. Below are three pieces of advice I’ve learned over the years as LinkedIn’s job posting services have evolved:


Share your post:

Job postings can be searched and viewed by all LinkedIn members – that’s a network of around 450 million. Additionally, LinkedIn will automatically advertise your job posting to LinkedIn members with profiles that reflect your required qualifications. But don’t forget to share your post with other networks as well! After creating the post, the link can be shared on LinkedIn – by posting it as an update or to relevant groups – and your other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The link can be also added to your company website to gain additional traffic.


Sort your applicants:

When you purchase a job posting through LinkedIn, you receive a list of 50 profiles that are automatically selected to match your hiring needs. You’ll also have access to management tools to filter, tag, and share candidates with others. Use these filters to sort through your applicants by location, years of experience, industry, function, current company, past company, or school. This allows you to get specific with your search easily, by quickly eliminating candidates that don’t meet your exact requirements. Saving time can be crucial when filling gaps, especially in your management team.


Customize your process:

LinkedIn allows you to track how your job posting is performing, giving you enough insight to decide whether you need to adjust your keywords or target audience according to their data. And while LinkedIn’s application process is simple and familiar, the networking site is aware that every company has unique needs. Therefore, you have the option to host your job posting on LinkedIn, or have LinkedIn send applicants to your site to complete the application process. Customize this process in a way that is the most efficient for you and your company.


If you already have a complete job description, creating a job posting on LinkedIn is an effortless way to attract attention to your open role. Instead of scanning through hundreds of unqualified online applicants, their streamlined process and sorting abilities allow you to access the top candidates that matter. Even if it’s not your top search strategy, it’s an effective way to get the word out and alert your network of the job opening. Taking advantage of LinkedIn’s massive network will not only increase the visibility of your company’s position, but also of your brand and your company itself.


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