3 Ways Your Interim Talent Can Turn Into a Permanent Asset

business people sitting in row at conference meeting

business people sitting in row at conference meetingJim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed


Interim talent can be brought on board under many different circumstances. Progress and change are a natural part of the life sciences industry, and that applies to life science staff as well. The ups and downs of business require different talent to be utilized at different times in the process. However, there are many scenarios in which interim employees can actually transition into fill-time assets. See how this is the case for these top American companies.


Case 1: APPLE

Scenario: Your company hires interim help in an urgent situation, only to realize the interim talent is indispensable afterwards.


While Steve Jobs was off pursuing Pixar in the 90s, Apple was going bankrupt and desperate without him. In this time of need, Jobs returned to Apple as an advisor. Soon enough, he was named interim CEO, and he worked not only to save them from bankruptcy, but to make them profitable. Eventually, he was formally named CEO, and the rest is history.


Case 2: Bristol-Meyers Squibb

Scenario: Your company hires interim personnel to test whether the hire is the right fit – and it is.


In 2009, CFO of Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Jean-Marc Huet left for a better offer at Unilever. Tentatively, they placed the VP of Finance for the pharmaceutical unit, Charles Bancroft, in the interim CFO position. Hoping he was a good choice, BMS watched Bancroft work for four months, during which he proved he was the right candidate and they hired him permanently.



Scenario: Your company hires an interim executive while looking for a suitable permanent replacement, only to realize you’ve already found the one: your interim executive.


This year, former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, left his position due to political backlash in response to his views against same sex marriage. In the meantime, Chris Beard, who had previously spent many years with Mozilla, stood in as interim CEO. In the months that passed, Beard impressed the board so much, that they appointed him to the permanent position.


Interim positions are a great tool for high-quality temporary assistance, but your company may realize they want more. Fortunately, there are many natural ways for impressive interim talent to become a permanent asset. Interim placements are useful to get insight into how well-qualified the candidate may be for your company’s critical needs and how well they fit into your unique business environment.


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