Advantages of Working for a Small Company in 2015

business man leads a meeting in front of a small group of coworkers

business man leads a meeting in front of a small group of coworkersBy John Degnan

Life science companies vary in size from large pharmaceutical companies to small tech startups. Although big businesses are often able to offer higher salaries and more benefits, smaller businesses have many desirable advantages that large ones simply cannot offer their employees. See why you should be looking into small companies in 2015.


Leaner Team

Being part of a leaner team allows for more straightforward communication between coworkers. Employees quickly learn the business inside and out because they have contact with all aspects of the operation. This also allows for more independence and opportunities to lead projects. Lastly, a smaller team can mean a larger share of the profits!


Quicker Growth

Large businesses grow gradually, making your opportunities for advancement few and far between. In addition, projects move more slowly. For example, the development of a new drug has to go through more people, resulting in an elongated process. However, small companies grow and progress rapidly, increasing your chances of advancement significantly and speeding up the completion of projects. Not to mention that the business can become very profitable very quickly.


More Impact

In smaller businesses, your work has more significance in the big picture. For those who really care to see the changes they are making, small companies provide this satisfaction. Employees have the chance to explore different aspects of the business, learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, and take on more important responsibilities.


Better Collaboration

In a smaller, close-knit business, coworker collaboration is key. This leads to better working relationships, better feedback, and more appreciation for your work. Every voice matters in a small company. Also, due to the more familiar atmosphere, you can sometimes have a more casual environment and flexible hours.


Improved Customer Relations

Small companies also allow you to work more closely with your customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction because their concerns are getting the attention they deserve and their needs are being met. Customer feedback is very valuable to companies both small and large. Additionally, small businesses typically focus on a narrow niche market, which makes it easier to target to the right customers.


Although large companies can offer impressive compensation up front, joining a smaller team may be more beneficial and profitable in the long run. It could offer a more positive experience and work environment for passionate and ambitious employees.


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