Can’t Decide Between Top Candidates? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Hiring process cartoon: "The candidates are equal. We'll choose with musical chairs."

Hiring process cartoon: "The candidates are equal. We'll choose with musical chairs."Lea WolfingerBy Lea Wolfinger, Senior Director, Ashton Tweed

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Finding and attracting top talent to your company is no easy task. Most hiring employers are lucky enough to find one top candidate for their open position, but what if you are lucky enough to find two or more? It may seem like there isn’t a right answer.

Although all top candidates may be able to perform the job satisfactorily, you want to make sure you choose the candidate that best fits your company. Here are some questions you should ask yourself or your team when deciding on which to hire:


1. Who do I see myself working with best?


2. Who do I see excelling within the company and staying long-term?


3. Who benefits the company in the most ways?


4. Who genuinely cares about the company and its success?


5. Who best fits with our company culture and values?


At least one of these questions is bound to eliminate one or more of the remaining candidates. It’s important to remember that skills and experience aren’t the only factors to consider when hiring an employee, especially a manager or an executive. Take a step back and look at the big picture and the right choice should become clearer.

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