Checklist: Is Interim Talent Right for Your Company?

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a hand checks off a box on a checklistJim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed

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To find out if interim talent is a potential hiring strategy for your company, use this checklist as a guide. Do you check “yes” to any of the following?


My company…


  • Is missing a key executive or skill set.


  • Needs fresh perspectives.


  • Has a talent gap, but does not require a permanent employee.


  • Wants to assess the long-term necessity of a position.


  • Has need, but not the budget, for a permanent hire.


  • Is going through a major change, for example:
    • Merger, acquisition, or business partnership
    • Building out a new management team
    • Branching into different patient populations
    • Launching new therapies or devices
    • Initial public offering


  • Has a fixed-duration project that needs leadership, for example:
    • Managing projects in specialized areas like orphan diseases, immunotherapy, etc.
    • Performing quality and regulatory due diligence on company assets
    • Initiating company growth through business development
    • Securing financing for new endeavors like clinical trials
    • Mentoring/coaching first-time executives
    • Managing specific crises like a medical device manufacturing problem


If so, then interim talent is a definite solution for your hiring needs. Explore the option of interim talent by contacting me at / 610.725.0290 x422 or get more information on our Interim Talent for Companies page.

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