How Interim Placement Gets You Through Uncertain Times

Young businessman with parachute

Young businessman with parachute

Jim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed


Scenario: The Vice President of Quality and Regulatory at ABC Pharma has exited the business, which is slowing down the progress of the submission of their novel therapeutic. Employees are struggling to get their work done and get back on schedule. Given the length of time it takes to bring on a new executive, how is ABC Pharma going to get through this trying time?


Interim talent is a common business approach used in many industries to help companies get through critical periods. Ashton Tweed is a pioneer in providing Interim Talent within the life science industries. So you may ask: how does this concept get you through uncertain times?


Interim talent is recommended to companies experiencing a transition or emergency, like in the scenario above. Because these circumstances are simply short-term situations, they call for interim help. Your company may need more than just a helping hand and may require the strategic components that a management or senior-level professional would bring to the situation.


Fortunately, highly experienced managers and executives are available for fixed-duration projects through interim placement. This talent is also available immediately, which is beneficial when a company needs to act fast in times of trouble.


The interim placement process matches an experienced expert with current industry knowledge to your specific project needs. This ensures that you are getting the best quality help and a fresh perspective for your problems. Once the company has safely transitioned back into normalcy or the project at hand is completed, the interim talent’s work is done, and they will move on to their next project.


This means that your company does not need to rush to hire another full time employee. Additionally, it is expensive to have full-time experts in every field. Interim talent allows you to hire experts in times of need, a quick-fix solution if you will, and then reduce overhead when you are ready.


Interim placement provides quality, speed, fresh perspective, and variable cost, to help companies get through uncertain times. So ABC Pharma is not only going to “get by” during this tough time, they are going to perform high quality work as well.

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