How Recruiters Bridge the Client-Candidate Communication Gap

Image of young businessman jumping over gap in bridge

Image of young businessman jumping over gap in bridge

Jim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed


Candidates and clients can often be on a different page when it comes to navigating the hiring process. In addition to interviews, there are many intermediate interactions between the client and candidate that can also have consequences. Miscommunication can play a big role in whether the client makes a job offer or whether a candidate accepts it. Fortunately, recruiters are able to bridge this communication gap.


Recruiters put candidates and clients on the same page. As experts in the recruiting and hiring process, they play a key role in making sure both parties are comfortable and that their wants and needs are considered. But how? Below are 5 reasons recruiters should be utilized to bridge the communication gap:



  • Companies and candidates can trust their recruiters and speak honestly with them as the recruiter typically has the best relationship with the candidate and the client. It’s important for recruiters to be privy to honest opinions when gauging interest on both sides.


Constant Availability

  • Recruiters are always available to speak whether it’s via email, phone, or in person. However, clients still have a full-time workload, and candidates may as well, whether with their current job or in their job search. Recruiters ensure there is no delay or lack of communication.



  • Recruiters know how to best represent a candidate or client to one another. Presenting yourself or a company is a learned skill, and knowing how to represent yourself to different audiences is important. Recruiters are able to adapt your representation for each unique situation.


Communication Skills

  • Recruiters are skilled communicators, a trait that not all employers and employees may have. Especially when negotiating through sensitive situations, recruiters are highly experienced, allowing things to run smoothly and ensuring both voices are heard.


Best Interests

  • Companies have their own best interests at heart and so do their candidates. It’s a fact of life. It’s a recruiter’s job to value both interests and make sure the desires at both ends are met.


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