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Attracting talent

Human resources concept illustration: Attract employees using a giant magnetJim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed

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Finding the best candidate is more than choosing the best résumé from a group of job applicants or interviewees. Actually, the process should begin long before that. In order to find the perfect candidate, you must first make sure you are appealing to the right kind of professionals. Here are 5 tips to attract the right candidates:


Be transparent.

Prospective employees want to trust you and know everything they can about your company. Transparency and honesty goes a long way when attracting the best candidates in the industry.


Write a clear headline and title.

The headline and job title are often the first things that job applicants see, especially if you are posting a job online. So make sure the headline and job title are solid and clear. In addition, ensure that they include the proper keywords to be found in a search.


Provide a thorough job description.

Provide all important details to ensure there are no fundamental questions about the role. Who will they be reporting to? What does the job entail? Answer their questions right off the bat in order to determine who is truly interested and eliminate who is not.


Be passionate and worthy of working for.

Passionate leaders are exciting and bring out the passion in others. Why would they want to work for you? Express your company values and goals often. This will help them visualize their role in the bigger picture and is a key way to draw candidates towards your open position.


Brand yourself and your company.

Throughout the process, you want to establish yourself and your company to job applicants. Do they know who you are and what you represent? This will help them gauge whether they too want to be a part of your brand. This can start with the job description and continue throughout conversations before and after the interview.


By following these guidelines, you increase your chances of attracting experienced professionals that are a good fit for your team. To reach beyond the candidate pool that is actively job seeking, find a search firm that is right for you. The search industry has access to passive candidates that are currently employed. Contact Ashton Tweed to discuss your candidate search today.

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