How to Best Market Yourself

Portrait of young handsome business man holding a business card that says "Market Yourself"

Portrait of young handsome business man holding a business card that says "Market Yourself"Jordan WarshafskyBy Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed

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Marketing yourself doesn’t necessarily come easy to all. But in today’s world, there are so many qualified professionals, that it’s a must. Luckily, there are many outlets to market yourself and your skills. Don’t miss an opportunity to take control of your career by using these self-marketing tips:


  • Be different. Using the same boring phrases is no way to stand out in a competitive work force. Use unique and exciting keywords when describing yourself and your experiences. Look at examples of others in your industry (or your mentors) to know what’s being overused…. Then consult a handy dandy thesaurus.


  • Know yourself. No, not just your personality, but your professional personality. Do you know how your coworkers would describe you? If not, then ask. Amp up those strengths in your personal profiles and résumé.


  • Where are you headed? Describe your passions and goals. Let people know where you’re going and that no one is going to stop you. This is a large part of knowing yourself. Additionally, being able to describe this drive in you is attractive to employers.


  • Take initiative. Be persistent in your self-branding and marketing. Whether you’re contacting people, posting online, or sharing content, etc. – Don’t worry about annoying others. As long as you have something important to say and you are professional and polite, go for it. It’s the best way to stay top of mind and prove that you are determined.


  • Become familiar with your audience. Who should you be marketing yourself to? If you don’t know, do some research. Ask yourself what companies you’d like to work for and who would be the best contact for you. Find out what they are looking for and how best to approach them.


  • Be clear and consistent. Throughout your personal branding, it is important to have a clear and consistent message. Being too wordy, vague, or inconsistent will reflect back on you as a professional. Keep this in mind when editing your résumés, emails, websites, blogs, business cards, and, yes, even social media profiles.


  • Don’t neglect the real world. Offline encounters and first impressions count, too. You can market yourself in person at industry conferences, networking events, and speeches. Being active and engaged in your industry is a desirable trait, and these situations provide an opportunity to project a positive and confident attitude to people of influence.


Remember that you are an asset, but don’t forget to work like the person you are promoting! Marketing yourself is only half the battle; you have to live up to the expectations you promise.


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