How to Choose the Best Search Firm for Your Company

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By John Degnan

Portrait of a businessman and businesswoman leadership team smiling.When you decide to turn your hiring process over to a recruiting firm, it’s important to take some time searching for the firm that best fits your company’s needs. In the life sciences industry, there are many unique needs and nuances that set your work apart from other fields. These aspects should be considered before placing your trust in the hands of a search firm.


1. Needs: Make sure you know what your hiring needs are before you begin your search. Quality recruiting firms can help flesh out a detailed job description as a basis for your search, as long as you know your basic requirements. Are you looking for interim or permanent employees? What is your timeline? What skillset are you looking for?


2. Specialty: Choose a firm that has a specialty. You want people who are educated in your industry in order to make choices that you’ll trust. Find out how long the firm has been around and how much experience they have in your industry.


3. Search Strategy: Find out what kind of search the firm performs. Retained search firms give you a selection of high quality candidates, while contingent placement agencies give you a high volume of mediocre candidates. Make sure you know the difference!


4. Fee: The fee should not be the first factor considered when looking for the right firm, because cheaper fees might result in lower quality personnel. However, it is understandably still an important aspect. Make sure you understand their rates and what you should expect for your money.


5. Communication: When speaking to the companies you are researching, be sure that they communicate well and are good listeners. Do they express that your placement is a top priority and give you the attention you need during this process? Good firms will match you with an appropriate recruiter in their company, not just send your project to whoever is available.


6. Size: Small and large companies are both good for different hiring needs. However, boutique recruiting firms often approach client satisfaction with the most attentiveness and responsiveness. The relationships tend to be more personal and honest.


Don’t make the mistake of hunting for the cheapest fees or the largest pool of job candidates. In order to make the perfect hire, the above factors should all be considered. Doing a little research for recruiting experience you want can go a long way.


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