Interim in the Long Run

illustration of a busy desk, the open laptop's screen says "Interim in the Long Run"

illustration of a busy desk, the open laptop's screen says "Interim in the Long Run"Jim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed

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Like most business strategies, there is more than meets the eye with interim talent. The interim solution may seem like a temporary fix, but this dynamic strategy actually aids in the long-term success of your company as well. The hiring of interim talent benefits your business in the long run because it allows you to:


Assess whether you need the position permanently. This saves the company from the stress of making a permanent hire, only to discover the position isn’t necessary long-term. When your company is in crisis, every second counts, so getting a high-level professional to step in quickly is key.


Get a fresh perspective. An interim employee gives the advice a consultant would, but also follows through and executes the work exclusively for your company. This gives your company the invaluable service of an outside perspective that can help your company for years to come.


Survive difficult times. Interim employees are experts in emergency business situations. Because they are experienced and aren’t tied to preexisting company politics, they are capable of preforming the work needed to help jump-start the company – resulting in less of a negative impact later.


Save money. By hiring interim talent, you don’t need to maintain a high salary your company might not be able to comfortably afford. In addition, your company will be more prosperous by bringing in the help needed rather than trying to struggle along without it. You get to have your cake and eat it too.


Make the right hire later. The interim solution saves your company from potentially making a bad hire. When rushed in critical times, it’s important to avoid brash (and often costly) decisions. Interim employees buy you the time to find the right candidate or assess whether the interim professional is a permanent fit for your company.


When considering hiring an interim professional – be sure to look past the short-term, and think about the future of your company. Want to learn more about interim talent? Click here.

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