Interim Talent to Clear Product Launch Hurdles

Interim Talent to Clear Product Launch Hurdles

Interim Talent to Clear Product Launch HurdlesJordan WarshafskyBy Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed

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Product launches are a critical period for most companies, putting a lot of time, money, and effort at stake. One is bound to face some hurdles throughout the process, especially within turbulent the life sciences environment. Even when a new product launch goes smoothly, it takes the right team to make it possible. The interim executive hiring strategy can get you through your product launch whether your company requires some minor aid or extensive critical support.


Having matched interim executives with companies in need, I’ve witnessed the benefits of interim talent firsthand. This flexible strategy is relevant to all hurdles your business may encounter before, during, or after your product launch by providing your company the following key benefits:


Top quality expert at your fingertips. These executives have many years of experience, creating an invaluable tool out of their specific expertise and bring real value to you and your company. They thrive in difficult situations and are proven problem-solvers, which will help your company avoid catastrophic mistakes during your product launch. Whether you need a Product Manager, a Director of Marketing, or a Financial Executive, there are interim experts of every kind to fit your unique needs.


Available immediately when you need them. Sometimes you think your company can get by without a certain role and that your existing team can handle the extra responsibility… And then last minute you realize you need help now. Especially within the life sciences industry, there can be sudden changes that require the immediate attention of an interim professional. Interim executives are available at a moment’s notice due to their project-to-project employment basis. They are also open to a flexible timeline, so if your company needs to extend the interim assignment, it’s not a problem.


No additional stress to bring on someone permanently that you’re not positive the company needs long-term. When your company is in a critical situation, it doesn’t need to feel pressured to take on a permanent executive salary. Interim executives are the ideal solution. There is no need to face a product launch or other important projects without the proper team on board, because interim executives can be recruited to complete your team on a short-notice basis. If you discover that you can utilize the interim’s role further and that the hire is a perfect match, you have the option of offering a permanent position.


It’s important to be aware of all strategies before heading into your product launch. The pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic industries are notorious for their tough rules and regulations, which often lead to serious setbacks. Knowing that interim executives are available – in all business departments and life science sectors – can be the key to success when facing a hurdle along the way.


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