Shake it Up: Innovation in the Workplace

business person sketching idea light bulb concept

business person sketching idea light bulb conceptJordan WarshafskyBy Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed

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Originality is priceless in an industry in which you are pioneering new technologies and medicines. The life sciences industry wouldn’t exist without innovative minds testing and researching new ideas. However, this can be applied to all aspects of the business, from developing new ideas to marketing the finished product. Follow these tips to encourage innovation in the workplace:


Ask for ideas.

This seems obvious, but not all employees know that their ideas are welcome. So make sure they know that their ideas are valued by asking for them! Have brainstorming discussions, idea challenges, and other activities in order to get their brains motivated and engaged.


Use external inspiration.

Embracing outside perspectives is a great way to freshen up ideas. Attending networking events, conferences, and speeches are key to exposing yourself to new ideas, but why not invite experts and mentors from your industry (or other industries) to speak at your meetings? In addition, offer continued education and training on creative thinking and leadership for when ideas get stale.


Create new environments.

Make sure that your work environment is conducive to creative thinking… or create a space that is. Whether it’s a relaxing lounge area or a funky game room, make sure there is a place for employees to go and think. It is also wise to occasionally hold off-site meetings at a restaurant or park for example. Employees can take a break from workplace monotony to clear their mind and start a new thinking process.


Reward all efforts.

Even great ideas can be unsuccessful. Reward all ideas in order to encourage employees to share and take risks without fear of failure. Remember that mistakes can lead to new ideas and improvements too. So if you genuinely want to generate new ideas, you have to value each and every voice. Positive reinforcement makes for a safe and creative environment for all involved.


Don’t be uptight.

Be personable and easygoing as a leader. It is easier to collaborate with equals, so put yourself at the same level as your employees. Workers at all levels should feel comfortable contributing their ideas. Lastly, adding a little fun, humor, and passion to your meetings will excite innovation above all else.


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