Specific Candidate Selection Through Retained Search

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Folder titled "Specific Candidates" in filing cabinetJim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed

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Life science companies often work in very narrow fields within the industry. Only a few particular individuals may fit your mid-senior level needs. If you could tailor a job candidate to fit your open role, you would. However, you can’t find specific candidates by making them come to you through job postings or word of mouth. Fortunately, retained search firms are experts at specific candidate selection, allowing you to hand pick the perfect candidate that matches your unique needs.


When making a hire, you’re interested in more than just an impressive résumé or a successful interview; you’re interested in the finer details. These details become increasingly crucial at the executive level where hiring mistakes could be detrimental to the company. It’s these small details that retained search firms are experts at pinpointing in potential candidates with speed and efficiency.


Contingent search firms or in-house human resources teams don’t have the same resources or abilities to accomplish this type of hire. Through extensive research and identification strategies, retained search firms can ensure the candidate pool matches your company’s needs.


See how precisely retained search can target your needs in the examples below:


  • Need specific expertise?

Case Study: Chief Medical Officer Aids Biotech Funding in Interim

A small biotech needed the expertise of an interim Chief Medical Officer to help their company while they raised additional funding. However, the company required that the interim CMO have cancer immunotherapy experience and an MD…


  • Prefer certain bonus skills?

Case Study: Biologics Vice President of R&D a Perfect Fit

A biologics company needed a Vice President of Research and Development, but no one in house qualified for the position. Additionally, a candidate that was skilled with vaccines would be an added bonus for the client’s needs…


  • Looking for the perfect cultural fit?

Case Study: Sales & Marketing Exec Relocates Cross Country

A medical device company needed a highly experienced Vice President of Sales & Marketing for their high-growth company. Due to their unique location and company, the new hire would need to be a perfect cultural fit…


When looking for specific candidate selection, retained search firms are your most valuable tool. Retained recruiters are the most experienced and capable to find precisely what you are looking for in your next hire. Looking for specific candidates for your team? Contact me today.

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