Top 10 Attractive Traits in a New Boss

portrait of a businessman and a businesswoman leader

portrait of a businessman and a businesswoman leader

Jim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed


It’s important to pinpoint attractive traits in potential employees, but what about your own traits as an employer? Know that the job opportunity alone might not be enough to persuade a candidate to join your team. In order to attract and keep excellent candidates in the running for a new job, keep in mind these top 10 qualities which are found to be attractive in a new boss:



1. Communicator

This is an imperative trait, especially when trying to attract a candidate. All effective bosses should be able to communicate clearly. In addition, they are accessible, flexible, and receptive when communicating with others.


2. Hard worker

No good bosses are lazy. It’s always impressive to see leaders working just as hard as their employees. They should know how to use their time wisely and get the job done.


3. Responsible

A great boss takes responsibility for their actions. They know when to hold themselves and others accountable. It’s attractive to candidates when employers are self-aware. So it’s important to know your faults and drop the stereotypical “boss” ego.


4. Knowledgeable

It’s easy to build credibility and to gain respect when you know the business inside and out. A high quality boss is an expert in his or her field and is up to date on the latest industry news.


5. Motivator

It’s very attractive for a boss to inspire and motivate others to lead. A good boss will mentor and coach employees to success by offering challenges and support.


6. Helpful

A boss that gives constructive criticism, constant feedback, and always rewards good work is an extremely positive trait. This helps their employees succeed and shows that they care.


7. Human

A good boss is approachable and personable. It’s okay to express your sense of humor and empathize with co-workers and employees. Work relationships are relationships nonetheless.


8. Passionate

It’s hard to work for someone who isn’t passionate about their job or driven to succeed. Successful bosses live and breathe their job, while recognizing a healthy work-life balance.


9. Decisive

Excellent leaders are great decision-makers. They don’t hesitate, they know when to take risks, and they know how to balance pros and cons for the good of the company.


10. Trusting

Lastly, a good boss should build trust with their employees. Give them some freedom to complete the project on their own or as a team. It’s never attractive to be a control freak. Your employees are capable and knowledgeable just like you.


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