What Scientists Are Looking For In A Career Might Surprise You

Two scientists work together and examine data in a lab.

Two scientists work together and examine data in a lab.Jordan WarshafskyBy Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed

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Pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and diagnostic companies are in constant competition to hire the top scientists in their field. In two recent surveys by PwC and Science Magazine, scientists were asked what they were looking for in a career… And the answers might surprise you.


PwC’s Health Research Institute conducted a survey to gain a better understanding of how life science organizations are reorganizing their R&D models and their approach to scientific talent. They found the following:


“Scientists want career paths that recognize and reward their passion and commitment to research, not just additional responsibilities. Too often, scientists are pushed out of what they do best – research — and saddled with management chores that distract them.”


Each year, Science Magazine conducts its own survey to determine the best pharmaceutical and biotechnology employers. They found that there were some commonalities amongst the top 20 employers list. According to respondents, they:


“Give employees the intellectual freedom and support necessary to pursue high-risk/high-reward goals—and they’ll deliver. Add to this a noble mission, such as increasing food security or decreasing disease suffering, and employers can create a positive feedback loop…”


Additionally, employees ranked the top 5 drivers in choosing the best companies as follows:


1.) Is an innovative leader in the industry

2.) Treats its employees with respect

3.) Has loyal employees

4.) Is socially responsible

5.) Has work culture values that are aligned with employees’ personal values


Company ethics and values and the ability to pursue their passion for science seem to be scientists’ top priorities when looking for an employer and career. This information can give your business a competitive edge when attracting new scientists. Looking to hire top scientific talent for your company? Contact Ashton Tweed today.

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