When to Consider Going Interim

Female business executive thinking.

Female business executive thinking.Jim RudmanBy Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed

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Interim employment could prove to be a major change for an individual who is used to working for one company over several years. Executives that work on an interim basis are in-demand in the life sciences industry due to employee turnover, mergers and acquisitions, and a variety of other entrepreneurial obstacles. When should you consider making the professional change to interim in your career?


You’re not ready to retire.

Many executives with decades of experience under their belt find that they are not ready to retire, but don’t want to take on a permanent job. Interim employment allows you to continue to apply your years of experience to companies, but on a short-term or project basis.


You’re in transition.

Not quite sure what you are looking for after leaving your last company? Perhaps you want to see what your options are? Interim positions could be a temporary job or turn into a permanent role, giving you the time you need to explore your options.


You want to do more than consult.

If you want to do more than consult, but still want temporary work, interim employment may be the right move for you. Interim roles allow for a more hands-on approach than consulting – giving you the freedom to execute your own advice.


You’re good in times of need.

If you’ve found that you are talented leader in times of emergency or transition, why not take advantage of this skill? Interim positions give you the opportunity to apply your expertise to companies in need, providing the challenges you enjoy.


You want to mix it up.

Don’t want to be locked in with one company long-term? Working on a project-basis as an interim executive makes it possible to mix it up and add the variety you crave, without the appearance of “job-hopping.”


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