How to Effectively Use Your Recruiter

Calendar on which a date is highlighted and marked "Recruitment Agency"

Calendar on which a date is highlighted and marked "Recruitment Agency"Lea WolfingerBy Lea Wolfinger, Senior Director, Ashton Tweed

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Not everyone has worked with a recruiting firm before; it’s a unique relationship of trust and communication. There are ways to take full advantage of their services by giving them the right tools to let them do what they do best. See the below tips on how to most effectively utilize your recruiter:


1. First, pick the right firm. There are small and large firms, so find one that fits your needs. It is especially a priority to find one that specializes in your field if possible. Build and maintain a relationship with that recruiter. Working and filling roles together over time will develop trust and understanding between you and that firm. See our article How to Choose the Best Search Firm for Your Company for more.


2. Have the recruiter visit your company. Recruiters are detail-oriented and they want to find a candidate that not only will fit your company culture, but also one that you will like and enjoy working with. There is no better way for a recruiter to get a feel for your work environment than to experience it him/herself.


3. Express your future plans for the candidate. Will this candidate be expected to fill a higher role in the future? What do you hope for him or her? By conveying this information, the recruiter will be able to find someone who wants the same future you have to offer. This allows recruiters to be open and honest with both you and the candidates in order to find the most perfect match and ensure satisfaction on both ends.


4. Be detailed about what you need from the right candidate. The more information you give a recruiter, the better. Details about the position, the company, goals, and projects are all helpful when finding the perfect candidate. Omitting details hurts both parties involved.


5. Not satisfied with the candidates? Give thorough feedback. If something is missing from the candidates presented, the only way for the recruiter to reevaluate is through your feedback. With your notes, they will refocus their search and find exactly what you are looking for.


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